GIT & GitHub Errors Fix

Issue: Authentication Failure

Issue: Could not resolve proxy-git clone

Issue: To exit from the Git editor

Issue: .gitignore isn’t ignoring itself

Issue: Push a cloned repo to your own branch

Reset Git Credentials

git config — global “userName”
git config — global user.password “Password” (keep typing even you don’t see the text)

Git Basics

git init — Initialize a local Git repositorygit clone gitLink— Creates a local copy of a remote repositorygit status — Check statusgit add [file-name.txt] — Add a file to the staging areagit add -A — Add all new and changed files to the staging areagit rm -r [file-name.txt] — Remove a file (or folder)git commit -m “[commit message]” — Commit changesgit branch — List branches (the asterisk denotes the current branch)git branch -a — List all branches (local and remote)git branch [branch name] — Create a new branchgit branch -d [branch name] — Delete a branchgit checkout -b [branch name] — Create a new branch and switch to itgit checkout [branch name] — Switch to a branchgit merge [branch name] — Merge a branch into the active branchgit stash — Stash changes in a dirty working directorygit push — Push changes to the remote repositorygit push origin — delete [branch name] — Delete a remote branchgit pull — Update local repository to the newest commitgit remote set-url origin gitRepoLink — Set a repository’s origin branchBONUS: -ls ltra -> type this command to list the hidden files on the terminal/cmd.



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